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Why am I seeing this page?

This page is designed for mobile devices but we detected that you have visited using a desktop. For your convenience, we have generated a QR Code to make it easier to get the stream on your mobile device.

Some mobile devices will come with a QR Code Reader installed, but not always. You can see a list of readers here for most popular devices:

Can I add a QR Code to my website?

Yes, you can use the following HTML code:

<img src="" title="Listen on a mobile device" />

If you prefer then you can download the image above and upload to your own web server.

I'm using a mobile device now, why can't I see the player?

There are a couple of possibilities;

  1. You are viewing with your browser in 'desktop' mode.
    • Some mobile browsers have a desktop mode which effectively fools websites into thinking that they are a desktop browser.
    • To fix this, simply change your browser back to normal mode. This is usually in the 'settings' menu.
  2. The mobile device you are using has not been recognised by the Mobile Detect software.
    • Our server automatically checks for new updates every day so we always have the latest device lists.
    • If you use the Feedback form below then you will help the Mobile Detect developers add support for your device.

You can force the player to open by using this link instead:

Feedback for Mobile Detect

Is your device really a computer?

Please only make genuine reports, this helps other internet users too.